Support with preparing VAT returns and filing online with HMRC

Let us ease the burden of preparing VAT returns and filing online with HMRC by doing these on your behalf.  We are able to advise on the various VAT schemes available to businesses, many of which reduce the administrative burden, and whether any would be appropriate to you. If you are planning a new project it is important not only to avoid the VAT pitfalls but also to arrange your affairs to maximise VAT recovery and cash flow.

VAT compliance health check

We will identify potential and existing issues before they cause real difficulties and attract HMRC assessments. We will also recommend ways in which the VAT conduct of your business can operate in the most efficient way possible.

We have access to the most recent changes and proposed changes in VAT legislation so our consultants can give you fast, up to date information. Land and property transactions are an extremely complex area of VAT which requires specialist VAT advice as errors in this area are expensive.