Due diligence specialist support

If your business is in need of specialist support with due diligence work, the team at Rawlinsons can help.

A few examples of how we can provide support in this area include:

1. Assistance with the acquisition of a trading company

In addition to considering the tax implications of the transaction we assist in reviewing the target company’s records and financial position.   The scope of work can vary significantly from one transaction to another, and so it is important to talk this through with us at an early stage.   As well as commenting on the financial implications of the legal documentation, we also get involved with reviewing completion accounts to ensure that any appropriate adjustments to the purchase price are made.

2. Mergers

A similar process takes place when organisations merge.  As well as reviewing the target organisation’s financial records, we would review the organisation’s financial viability prior to merger, and look at the implications for the combined operation.

3. Selling your business

Similarly, if any of our clients decide to sell, we can assist them through the process of having due diligence work undertaken on them by the purchaser.

4. Grant awards

Before being awarded a grant, a due diligence exercise is required by the grant making body to ensure that the company is viable, meets the criteria and has the appropriate resources to see the project to its completion.   A recent example included a £2.3 million grant under the Regional Growth Fund.