Company audit services

Companies are required to prepare statutory accounts that comply with the Companies Act and other generally accepted accounting principles and, in addition to this, companies that meet specified size criteria will require an audit.

Apart from fulfilling requirements imposed by law, our audit approach gives us a full insight into how your business is run because we spend time finding out about it and then plan our work to test the systems in place. We always work with your accounting staff to a pre-agreed timetable in order to ensure that the annual audit process is as efficient as possible. It is also designed to be effective in giving proactive feedback on your accounting and other in-house systems, and in offering advice on how to improve procedures within your business.

We want to be active in promoting the success of our clients, and our highly trained audit specialists do this by providing a wide range of business support, whether acting simply as a sounding board or assisting with projects.

Our audit services include:

  • Statutory and bespoke audit assignments
  • Due diligence investigations into potential business acquisitions
  • Maximising the benefits of your financial management systems and undertaking full system reviews
  • Analysing a particular aspect of the business or investigating unexpected fluctuations in cash flow, costs or revenues.

Details about our audit registration can be viewed at, under reference number C005362635.