Specialist knowledge to help your social enterprise thrive

Social Enterprises come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and requires specialist knowledge and understanding to enable them to thrive. It is important to ensure that your operating structure is appropriate to your aims and objectives, as social enterprises use a variety of legal forms.

Rawlinsons works with organisations that cover all of those legal forms, including:

  • Community interest companies (CICs)
  • Industrial and provident society (IPS)
  • Companies limited by guarantee
  • Charities
  • Community Amateur Sports Clubs
  • Trading companies

Our core accountancy services to social enterprises include:

  • Outsourced services: payroll and bookkeeping
  • Year end services: preparation of accounts, independent examination and audit
  • Tax planning and advice

Additional services for social enterprises

In addition to the compliance work our social enterprise clients often come to us for additional support, for example:

  • Setting up a social enterprise, and advising on what legal form it should take
  • Reviewing governance arrangements and compliance with governing document
  • Due diligence work in respect of mergers
  • Reviewing tax rules specific to your organisation
  • Reviewing bookkeeping processes, accounting systems and management information presented to trustees
  • Certification of grant claims