Supporting schools of many sizes and structures

Schools come in a whole range of sizes and structures, in both the state and private sector. They include Local Authority schools, private independent schools, charities and Academies, including some with an associated charitable trust or trading subsidiary.

At Rawlinsons we undertake a variety of work for schools, including audit and assurance, tax and general financial advice.

Converting to Academy status

We have worked alongside an increasing number of schools converting to Academy status, providing guidance on the financial implications of conversion, and providing assistance to the Governors, the senior management team and accounting staff on the various issues that need to be addressed. As well as the preparation and audit of year end accounts, we have worked with new Academies on their accounting systems and procedures, the role of Responsible Officer, Governor training, pensions disclosure and VAT.

If you are considering converting to Academy status and would like a member of our team to meet with you or your governors on a ‘no-obligation’ basis to discuss some of the financial implications please do not hesitate to contact us.

Following the Autumn 2017 academy audit season, we surveyed our academy school clients to ensure that Rawlinsons consistently meets their needs, and provides the high standards expected from the firm.  Click here to view the infographic produced from these results.