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Building a remuneration package

Getting the right remuneration package can be beneficial – especially for those whose income is edging towards the next tax bracket. There are a number of ‘extras’ your employer can tack onto your salary which attract specific tax breaks and are beneficial to them and you. The rules are tight so we suggest taking independent advice before agreeing to a new package.

Generally, a remuneration package can include the following:

1. Salary
2. Bonus schemes and performance-related pay
3. Reimbursement of expenses
4. Enhanced expenses such as first or business class travel or an upgraded hotel on business trips
5. Pension provision
6. Life assurance and/or healthcare
7. Mobile phone
8. Childcare
9. Salary sacrifice options
10. Share incentive arrangements
11. Choice of a company car or additional salary and reimbursement of expenses for business travel in your personal car
12. Contributions to the additional costs of working at home
13. Other benefits including for example an annual function or long service awards