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Auto Enrolment Stagers 2017/18

If your business is staging for workplace pensions in 2017 or 2018 then the information below will help you get organised:

To find out your staging date please click here, you will need your PAYE reference number handy to complete the process.

To find your Pension Regulator letter code please click here, you will need your PAYE reference number and accounts office reference number.  You’ll need the letter code when you are making your declaration of compliance.

To tell the Pension Regulator you are not an employer for Auto Enrolment purposes please click here, you will need your letter code and PAYE reference number.

If you set up as a new employer post 1 April 2012 then this table will apply to you, and will give you an indication of your expected staging date in respect of the date of your first payable worker.

Finally, see the table below to understand your Auto Enrolment statutory phasing position:

Phase 1
Up to 5th April 2018, total minimum contributions via auto enrolment are 2% of qualifying earnings, with the employer minimum of 1%.
Phase 2
Between 06th April 2018 and 5th April 2019, the minimums are 5% and 2%.
Phase 3
Between 06th April 2019 and onwards the minimums are 8% and 3%.

For further advice please contact our Payroll Team who will be happy to answer your queries.