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Can you claim tax relief on your website?

Even though expenditure on website development may be shown in your accounts as advertising, marketing or IT costs, this does not necessarily mean that it is allowable by the taxman as revenue expenditure and therefore tax deductible.  In order to identify the correct tax treatment, the exact nature… read more

Have you claimed your employment allowance?

Most employers who pay Class 1 National Insurance contributions on their employees earnings are able to take advantage of HMRC’s new employment allowance – has your business already claimed? From 6 April 2014 the employers can reduce the amount of National Insurance contributions that they pay for their… read more

Raising children can be very taxing

When I commenced my training as a Chartered Accountant back in 1993 one of the first principles that I was taught was that for an item of expenditure to be allowable as a deduction when calculating the tax liability arising in relation to employment income it must be… read more

Getting to grips with Auto Enrolment

I am sure that you will have you seen the adverts with Theo Paphitis declaring “I’m in” and wondered what he is talking about.  Under new rules which are being phased in over a few years, employers are being required to automatically enrol their employees into a pension… read more

A life in the day of a Charity Conference

9.31 and the conference has started Oh no – I’ve left my notes at home.  Half the speakers haven’t turned up and I’m going to have to fill in for them.  Why is there nobody in the audience?   And what is that ringing in my ears? Aha, the… read more

A year in the life of Rawlinsons Charity Conference

12 months to go Decision made: we will hold another charity conference next year – and we’ve even set a date.   Hope people can come! 6 months to go I really must spend some time looking at the content for this year. 5 months to go I really,… read more

HMRC proposed new debt collection powers

On Budget day in March this year the Chancellor announced controversial plans to give HMRC new powers to recover debts directly from taxpayers’ bank accounts. HMRC, the government body that has previously lost discs containing millions of tax payers’ information, regularly manages to mislay post and has issued… read more

Are you taxed by tax…?

A few years ago HMRC’s adverts contained the message “tax doesn’t have to be taxing”.  Many have questioned that statement since and now HMRC has commissioned its own research! HMRC is attempting to gain an understanding of taxpayers’ experience of the PAYE process in particular. The research, “PAYE… read more

Survey shows business confidence has returned to Peterborough

Earlier this year Rawlinsons commissioned the ‘Greater Peterborough Business Survey’ in association with Opportunity Peterborough.  The purpose of the survey was to gauge business confidence in Greater Peterborough, rather than the usual Cambridgeshire-wide reports. We received responses from over 200 companies, spanning all sectors, with the majority of… read more

2014 Budget Review

George Osborne was full of the joys of spring as he delivered his Budget with statements such as there being “no major advanced economy in the world growing faster than the UK” and promises to “fix the roof when the sun is shining”. Major announcements were made in… read more