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Pension Annual Allowance Tax Charges for GP Partners

The pension relief tax legislation is extremely complicated when it comes to pension annual allowance tax charges for GP Partners. Here is some guidance on the annual allowance charge and how we can help you. For tax relief purposes in any year, you need to know: The amount… read more

Payrolling Benefits and Expenses – Right For Your Business?

Have you decided whether to start payrolling benefits and expenses for the 2018/19 tax year yet? If you haven’t come across this yet, payrolling benefits in kind (BiK) gives you as an employer, the opportunity to reduce or remove the obligation to send returns to HMRC. It can… read more

What is the role of an Executor?

Being the Executor of an estate is not really an honour. Being an executor is a di­fficult and time consuming job. The role carries some legal liability. Relatives may be too distressed to perform the role. Decisions could make them unpopular with beneficiaries. Appointing an executor You should… read more

Employment Expenses: General Rules

Do you incur expenses whilst working that your employer doesn’t reimburse? Then you may be able to claim tax relief, there are a number of different types of expenses you can claim for: Flat Rate Expenses If it costs you money to maintain, repair or replace work equipment and… read more

Childcare Vouchers & Tax

At Rawlinsons, we are often asked questions from business clients about childcare vouchers.  As an employer providing childcare to your employees, you have certain tax, National Insurance and reporting obligations. Childcare vouchers are included within the exemptions available from Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions. The amounts that can… read more

VAT & Property Issues Update

Further to my original VAT Property blog posted November 2013 some recent changes are worth drawing attention to. HMRC leaflet VAT Notice 708: buildings and construction has now been updated and a useful summary of vat applicable rates for different construction projects is listed as follows: Construction Services The… read more

Advantages of Gifts of Agricultural Property into Trusts

Trusts have always been a favoured mechanism for long term protection of family assets. At present Trusts are viewed as offering shelter from both the divorce lawyer and the local authority seeking to recover long term care fees. Where an individual gifts assets into a Trust, two different… read more

The Personal Tax Account – Making Tax Digital Gets Personal!

While some aspects of Making Tax Digital have been deferred for the moment, others are already in place. Heralded when first proposed in 2015 as the “Death of the Tax Return”, much of the government’s Making Tax Digital programme has been pushed back to April 2020 (with the… read more

Why Buy Commercial Property Through a SIPP?

This blog explains the benefits and logic behind buying your commercial property through your Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).  While of course the financial advice offered by Rawlinsons P.I.P. will vary depending on your individual circumstances, in general there are plenty of compelling reasons to buy commercial property through… read more

Auto Enrolment Contribution Changes 2018

Automatic enrolment has changed the face of the workplace pension dramatically and as an employer, you need to be aware of how this will affect you – not just now, but as auto enrolment contributions change in 2018. Here are the answers to some of the questions we… read more