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Growing a Business

All businesses need to grow on the basis that if they’re not growing they’re declining because to remain stationary is effectively going backwards in the world of commerce. Therefore you must keep growing to survive. So how do you stimulate and manage that growth to keep the business progressing?

Whatever it is it can’t be easy otherwise everyone who went into business would be successful, make a fortune and retire rich. We all know that, regretfully, doesn’t always happen and if you run your own business you’ll be acutely aware of that. In fact maintaining and developing growth might even be the very thing that tumbles around in your mind at 4am in the morning.

Is growth dependent on right place and right time? or is it the luck of being in the right position to grab a business opportunity when it arises and making the most of it? Or does it depend on the skill of spotting a business opportunity when or where it arises and knowing how to take it?

Alternatively does it come from planned and reasoned business theory based upon an in depth knowledge of your product and services and the market place they are sold into?

Can you learn to spot these opportunities or do you need some driven desire that forces success through by sheer hard work and determination?

Is there a straightforward answer that can be clearly seen when viewed from a certain perspective? Or are there entrepreneurial trade secrets that provide them with the insight into developing growth?

Well as stated above it can’t be easy but it might be worth listening to the words of someone who has run a business and achieved growth, knows what’s involved and what needs to be achieved to the grow the business.  Maybe they could provide that little light-bulb moment for your business, or maybe they might reinforce what you believe but just need the confidence to drive ahead.

On 29 January we’ll be hosting a Ready for Growth Conference with guest speaker Mike Greene, who as a businessman, entrepreneur and Channel 4 Secret Millionaire, may well provide that light bulb moment.  For details of the conference please click here.