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What you need to know about Defined Benefit Pension Transfers

If you have a Defined Benefit Pension, then you are almost certainly aware that the pension flexibilities introduced in 2015 and, in some cases, enhanced transfer values have made the option of transferring out of your Defined Benefit scheme very attractive – and there are plenty of companies… read more

The Rise of the Silver Supporters

Financial support from grandparents to their families is increasingly needed just to keep them afloat according to recent research by The Scottish Widow’s Centre for the Modern Family: Individual grandparents give around £2,200 a year to support their families 85% did not make provision for these outgoings More… read more

Why Buy Commercial Property Through a SIPP?

This blog explains the benefits and logic behind buying your commercial property through your Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).  While of course the financial advice offered by Rawlinsons P.I.P. will vary depending on your individual circumstances, in general there are plenty of compelling reasons to buy commercial property through… read more