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Seven Principles of Charity Governance Code

In July 2017 the Charity Governance Code Steering Group issued the ‘Charity Governance Code’, intended for use by charities and other not-for-profit organisations that deliver a public or community benefit. While it is not a legal or regularity requirement, it does set out principles and recommended practice for… read more

A life in the day of a Charity Conference

9.31 and the conference has started Oh no – I’ve left my notes at home.  Half the speakers haven’t turned up and I’m going to have to fill in for them.  Why is there nobody in the audience?   And what is that ringing in my ears? Aha, the… read more

A year in the life of Rawlinsons Charity Conference

12 months to go Decision made: we will hold another charity conference next year – and we’ve even set a date.   Hope people can come! 6 months to go I really must spend some time looking at the content for this year. 5 months to go I really,… read more

New Year Resolutions: For Charities

My work brings me into contact with many charities and so I began to wonder how my ramblings on new year resolutions apply to charities.  So, after a bit of thought and reading of what others have suggested, here are some ideas: 1. Numbers count Accountants like numbers – sometimes… read more

New Year Resolutions

I really must set a New Year Resolution to make New Year Resolutions! I read the other day about someone settling on some more realistic objectives this year: cutting back on bassoon playing, not speaking Cantonese for the whole year, diligently eating chocolate every day.  That sounds like… read more