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Tax New Year’s Resolutions!

Get an accounting system Being organised is absolutely vital for good record keeping, particularly for businesses over the VAT registration threshold and the new rules under Making Tax Digital from April. There are many excellent online accounting systems available these days at a budget to suit your pocket.… read more

Making the most of tax relief at Christmas

There’s no better time to be nice to staff and customers than at Christmas. But the tax man is less generous than Santa and there are certain clauses you need to be aware of before you start popping £50 notes into envelopes to hand out over mulled wine… read more

Making Tax Digital: where are we now?

The government’s landmark Making Tax Digital (MTD) for business initiative is set to take effect from 1 April 2019, beginning with MTD for VAT. So, what is the latest position? The MTD for business initiative was originally set to be implemented between 2018 and 2020 – however, concerns… read more

Pension Annual Allowance Tax Charges for GP Partners

The pension relief tax legislation is extremely complicated when it comes to pension annual allowance tax charges for GP Partners. Here is some guidance on the annual allowance charge and how we can help you. For tax relief purposes in any year, you need to know: The amount… read more

The Personal Tax Account – Making Tax Digital Gets Personal!

While some aspects of Making Tax Digital have been deferred for the moment, others are already in place. Heralded when first proposed in 2015 as the “Death of the Tax Return”, much of the government’s Making Tax Digital programme has been pushed back to April 2020 (with the… read more

Surprise, surprise! Autumn Statement scrapped….

The most surprising news of Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement was his decision to abolish it. In future we will have an Autumn Budget and a Spring Statement.  The announcement brought hilarity from the benches, but in reality it does appear to make some sense. Following the spring 2017… read more

Can you claim tax relief on your website?

Even though expenditure on website development may be shown in your accounts as advertising, marketing or IT costs, this does not necessarily mean that it is allowable by the taxman as revenue expenditure and therefore tax deductible.  In order to identify the correct tax treatment, the exact nature… read more

Are you taxed by tax…?

A few years ago HMRC’s adverts contained the message “tax doesn’t have to be taxing”.  Many have questioned that statement since and now HMRC has commissioned its own research! HMRC is attempting to gain an understanding of taxpayers’ experience of the PAYE process in particular. The research, “PAYE… read more

Survey shows business confidence has returned to Peterborough

Earlier this year Rawlinsons commissioned the ‘Greater Peterborough Business Survey’ in association with Opportunity Peterborough.  The purpose of the survey was to gauge business confidence in Greater Peterborough, rather than the usual Cambridgeshire-wide reports. We received responses from over 200 companies, spanning all sectors, with the majority of… read more

It’s time for the Chancellor to update stamp duty system

The failure of successive Chancellors failure to adjust the stamp duty system – coupled with recent increases in house price – will lead to billions in extra tax in coming years; and that is according to the Chancellor’s own figures published in the Autumn Statement.   Of course, stamp… read more