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VAT & Property Issues Update

Further to my original VAT Property blog posted November 2013 some recent changes are worth drawing attention to. HMRC leaflet VAT Notice 708: buildings and construction has now been updated and a useful summary of vat applicable rates for different construction projects is listed as follows: Construction Services The… read more

Advantages of Gifts of Agricultural Property into Trusts

Trusts have always been a favoured mechanism for long term protection of family assets. At present Trusts are viewed as offering shelter from both the divorce lawyer and the local authority seeking to recover long term care fees. Where an individual gifts assets into a Trust, two different… read more

Pensions: Don’t leave it too late!

Although the ‘Auto Enrolment’ juggernaut is now rolling on its way, it is clear that this on its own will not be enough to provide the sort of retirement pensions that most people would like or expect.  Apart from the lucky few still in final salary schemes (mainly… read more

VAT and Property Issues

VAT on property is generally a very complicated area of VAT law and one where mistakes can be very costly.   HMRC guidance contained in notices 741 (Land) and 708 (Buildings and Construction) is becoming increasingly lengthy as legislation changes and case law interpretation shifts the boundaries.  The generic… read more